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Non Fungible Token

Besides software development and management, I have acquired a huge interest in cryptocurrency and blockchain. One application that especially interests me is Non-fungible Token a.k.a NFTs. Currently, all my NFTs are up for display and buy on Opensea. They are minted on the polygon network which is usually very cheap to mint on as compared to traditional ethereum networks which rely on huge gas fees. I am planning to write on how to mint your own first NFT in subsequent articles, so stay tuned.

Below are a few examples of NFTs I minted and added for sale.

Grandpa and his casio

Looking back at you

The Dabbing Gamer

Unicorn Cat

I mint NFTs for passion and try to help my cause. I have been an active member of Lions International, an NGO doing wholesome good work for people around the world. Recently I contacted another NGO : Ashray Akruti who is run by a bunch of beautiful souls working for people with disabilities in Education, Health, and Skill Development for the past 25 years. I have decided to donate a portion of my earnings via NFTs to these organizations.